So…We decided to go on safari in Africa.

Where to go?  What to do?  How long to stay?  And then the more practical matters… How much would it cost?  What should we bring?  And on and on…

Finally, we decided we’d go to Tanzania.  Also, as long as we were traveling all the way to Africa (from the United States) – we decided to make the most of our vacation and also go to Rwanda.  We had a lot of questions, and spent a lot of time looking up answers to those questions.  We researched 48 different travel and tour agencies for just the Tanzania portion of the trip alone.

Since we expected this to be our only trip to Africa for a long time, so there were a lot of things we wanted to balance in our vacation.  We wanted to get in a lot of fun activities to make the most of the trip, but we didn’t want to be running around ragged.  We wanted to have the exciting camping safari adventures we’d heard about, but we didn’t particularly want to be roughing it.  We wanted to keep costs manageable, though we were willing to do our version of a “splurge” (but couldn’t afford the $3000/night lodging splurge someone mentioned to us…our definition of a splurge is…not that high).

We’re sharing some of our tips, including things for which we’re patting ourselves on the back – and some of our snafus, to hopefully save other people some travel planning time.