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We had a lot of questions about electricity and power before we went.  Just as reference, we brought along a tablet and also had camera batteries to recharge.  We used the tablet mainly for downloading photos at the end of each day.

Here are a few comments:

connectivity:  Once we got there, most of the places we stayed […]

February 20th, 2014|Travel Logistics|


We needed visas to enter Tanzania, and followed these instructions:  We had to mail our passports in to get the visas, so you may want/need to allot time for that.

Rwanda doesn’t require a visa for US citizens, for a stay of less than 90 days:

We got our visas in advance of the trip, just to […]

February 20th, 2014|Travel Logistics|


Below were the suggested vaccinations (and yes, we got all of them!) from the travel clinic, for both Rwanda and Tanzania.  Since we were going to both countries, I didn’t track the requirements by one country versus another.  (Obviously, these requirements can change over time.)

We had most of these already, from previous travels.  The one […]

February 20th, 2014|Travel Logistics|


It actually took us a while to figure out luggage restrictions!  I thought this would be really simple to figure out, but for two reasons, it wasn’t.

First, we had a short flight between Rwanda and Tanzania.  And, for some reason, this was really confusing to me!

Second, I couldn’t figure out the ideal luggage size restrictions […]

February 20th, 2014|Travel Logistics|