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March 15th, 2014|Safari|

Planning our safari vacation – Rwanda and Tanzania

Kenya? South Africa? Tanzania?

It was almost overwhelming thinking about all the places we could go on safari. But once we decided to also see the gorillas…setting the rest of our itinerary was easy.

Here are the questions we asked ourselves:

When and where can we see the gorillas?

Rwanda and Uganda both offer opportunities to hike into the […]

March 13th, 2014|Trip Planning|

On safari in November – Tanzania!

November is the “short” rainy season.  So I was a little worried before we went, about what a “short rainy” season might imply.  Would we get “rained out” during our vacation?  But “short” rainy season just seems to mean that on any given day, it might rain for an hour or so. It turned out just […]

March 10th, 2014|Safari, Trip Planning|